ThermapplyThe Material
Originally designed for use on the highways and now adapted for use within play and recreational areas, durability is the key property of this material. Manufactured from a combination of granulated plastic and glass bead, the material is non-toxic, non-slip, colour fast and extremely durable. The material complies with

The Application Process
The material is applied to the tarmac surface using a propane burner, heated until molten, the material becomes one with the bitumen in the tarmac, and once cool (within approximately 10 minutes of application) the markings are immediately ready for use by the children, unlike paint or other forms of marking which usually require hours to dry, rendering play and recreational areas redundant for long periods of time.

Our Aims
Our aim is to help you stimulate playground activity for your pupils by providing a wide range of playground games and markings which include: Snakes and Ladders, a-z dragons, numbered Snakes, hopscotch, netball/football Courts and much more… all of which bring tremendous colour and brightness to a normally grey and dull surface

Our Service
As with any capital investment, which our markings are, head Teachers and their staff need to be satisfied their playground surfaces are suitable, and that any markings being considered will fit within the specified areas. To this end we offer a free no obligation site survey giving advice and recommendations to ensure you maximise your budgets.

The Installations Procedures
In normal circumstances we are able to supply your Markings within two weeks of receiving your order, however there are times when this is not possible. The most usual cause for delay is the weather. Thermoplastic markings cannot be applied to wet surfaces. due to the complexity and time taken to lay out some markings such as netball courts, 1-100 grids, multi grids etc prior to committing them permanently to the tarmac surface, even the threat of rain will result in an order being postponed. All we would ask is please be patient because a correctly installed job will give years of fun, whereas an incorrectly installed job will cause Inevitable long term problems. We trust that you find this brochure helpful when choosing your playground markings, however if you do not see what it is you require, please call the office; someone will always be there to assist. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to be of service to your school in the future.

Download our ‘Thermapply’ brochure for more information.