Playsafe: The impact absorbing system for play areas

At Form CI, we strongly believe that the best kind of safe surface is one that allows children to continue playing unobstructed, whilst still providing essential protection. A play surface needs to spark imagination, to inspire creativity and above all to be fun as well as safe. After all, a child’s natural instinct is to climb, explore and sometimes to fall. With our surfaces we’ve found an impact absorbing safety system with 5 varying levels of critical fall height, providing the right levels of safety for the equipment installed with a

vibrant and engaging top surface. With an option of 14 bright colours, our soft yet durable surfaces provide a comfortable playing area for children of all ages. Designed to stand the test of time, the Play-safe system is UV stable, heat and vandal resistant and offers a low maintenance alternative to other play surfaces. Download our ‘Playsafe’ brochure for more information.