Education Answering a need for a more comprehensive service to replace the fragmented way in which many Education Departments historically have to spend disproportionate amounts of time and resources dealing with and coordinating multiple suppliers and service providers to achieve their goal and complete a project – thus taking their valuable time away from their core responsibilities. Forms’ holistic approach offers a “One Stop Shop” of sorts for Professionals in the Education Sector with Form overseeing the complete Management of Projects, from initial enquiry to Project Completion. Sourcing the best materials and products available, ensuring their suitability for each individual project and that they are fully compliant with European Guidelines and British Standards, Eco friendly where applicable and most of all representing good value for money. We have a wealth of resources behind us that ensure that you get a seamless joined up project from start to finish. Using fully trained, experienced and competent Staff and Contractors, specially selected for their trust integrity and professional

commitment to their trades. Using best “Building Practice” we can ensure your project is fully compliant to all relevant Statutory Codes, with a strong focus on Health and Safety in sensitive environments, such as Education Establishments , Schools and Nurseries we can ensure that disruption and risk are kept to a minimum, and speed and efficiency to complete the works are maximised. Form (CI) Ltd – operate using following platforms

  • Health and Safety Policy Document & Environment Policy
  • Full Insurance – with Project Specific Insurance available.
  • Risk Assessments & Method Statements
  • COSHH Assessments
  • And uses RDDM – Risk Based Decision Making to the Built Environment

Underpinned by independent guidance, the competent application of RBDM – Risk Based Decision Making to the built environment will establish improved service provision with the added benefit of implementing increased efficiency and improved profit or financial margins without reducing service standards or increasing the risk burden. By choosing Form (CI) Ltd, you can ensure that you have entrusted your project to committed Professionals who share you goals, values and aspirations for the desired outcome. Dave Moore Managing Director