NoiStop Noise Reducing
Acoustic Fencing NoiStop

Produced by the Rockwool Group, NoiStop represents the latest development in the battle against noise pollution.

Perfect for use in locations where noise reduction is a priority, such as housing and office developments near busy roads, schools and hospitals, NoiStop noise reducing acoustic fencing features a specially pressed Rockwool mineral wool core which can reduce noise pollution by up to 70%.

Depending on the height, width and positioning of the NoiStop screens, a noise reduction of between 9dB and 12dB can be achieved. This represents up to a 70% reduction in sound levels (see the explanation of decibels on our NoiStop Technical Sheet).

NoiStop is available in two formats – NoiStop Green and NoiStop Wood.

Suitable for use with Mobilane Green Screens or climbing plants and available in a range of sizes, NoiStop Green features a frame made of galvanised steel with a green netting of polyethylene which holds the mineral wool core. NoiStop Green panels can be mounted on top of each other and installation up to a height of 2700mm (3 screens of 900mm) is possible without the need for lifting equipment.

Download our ‘NoiStop Noise Reducing Acoustic Fencing’ leaflet for more information.