LivePanel Living Wall System Live Panel

Developed in conjunction with Hevorma, Dartdijk NV, Rockwool, and Justimax. LivePanel is a modular living wall system which offers designers the most flexible system for decorating exterior walls with a wide range of plants.

The innovative LivePanel modules consist of aluminium panels 100cm x 60cm which are fixed to the wall or building using a lightweight aluminium frame. These sections can be cut to virtually any shape or size, making them extremely flexible and suited to a wide range of applications.

The aluminium panels contain within them Rockwool mineral blocks which feature within them ducts containing a specially developed rooting substrate. The Rockwool blocks are rigid and extremely durable and protect the plant roots from extremes of temperature and help to retain all-important moisture. Rockwool mineral wool offers additional benefits as it is a highly effective acoustic insulation material, as well as having fire protection properties.

The substrate which is contained within the ducts has been specifically developed for living wall applications and allows the plants to easily take root and to develop an excellent root structure. The substrate allows water and nutrients to be added easily to ensure the plants remain well fed and watered. The substrate also enables oxygen to freely circulate about the plant roots, promoting the correct level of bacterial and fungal growth to further enhance the health of the plants and to ensure the long term sustainability of the LivePanel living wall system.

Download our ‘LivePanel‘ leaflet for more information.